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Most of the above patterns have the following pieces available.  Please inquire about our current pricing.  We offer 45% off retail prices for current pieces.

4 x 5-piece Place Setting (Accent) (incl. *)
4 x 5-piece Place Setting (incl. *)
5-piece Place Setting (Accent) (incl. *)
5-piece Place Setting (incl. *)
Accent Demitasse (Coffee) Cup
Accent Demitasse (Coffee) Saucer
Accent Rim Soup s/s (20cm)
Accent Salad Plate (20cm)
B&B Plate (16cm) *
Cake Plate (27cm)
Coffee Cup
Coffee Cup & Saucer
Coffee Mug
Coffee Pot L/S (1.13L)
Coffee Saucer
Covered Sugar Bowl L/S (0.3L)
Covered Vegetable Dish (1.2L)
Cream Jug L/S
Cream Soup Cup & Stand
Dinner Plate (27cm) *
Fruit Saucer (13cm)
Gravy Boat (0.43L)
Gravy Boat Stand
Large Platter (41cm)
Large Rim Soup (23cm)
Luncheon Plate (23cm)
Open Sugar Bowl
Open Vegetable Dish (27cm/1L)
Round Platter (34cm)
Salad Bowl (26cm/2.36L)
Salad Plate (20cm) *
Salt & Pepper
Small Platter (33cm)
Small Rim Soup (20cm)
Soup / Cereal Bowl (15cm)
Soup Tureen (2.93L)
Teacup & Saucer *
Teapot L/S (1.13L)